The “Critical Race Theory” Sham

The sham that is this debate about “critical race theory,” is revealed in the prosecution of the issue by those who take the “opposing” side. If you truly oppose a THEORY, you present alternative theories that you think are more powerful in explaining and helping you understand the underlying phenomena. Most of the people opposing what they think is critical race theory are not presenting any alternative theory to study systemic racism or racism at all, even “race” itself. The real agenda here is an old one, most recently from the eighties, which is to try to halt all academic discussion of “race,” “racism.” and/or the embedding of racial concepts and ideas within social systems. Undergirding this ideological pursuit is a second even more pernicious and fallacious idea, that the theory itself creates the reality. If you believe that, ignorantly, you think that by stopping a theory, that the phenomena will stop. Critical race theory is only one of hundreds of theories about “race.” Even if you magically got rid of ALL those theories, you would have done nothing to get rid of the phenomena they describe. Those advocating this seem prepared to act as though underlying phenomena itself doesn’t exist, a fiction they have the luxury to maintain. They may win the battle against a theory, but the battle they need to be concerned about is the one involving the underlying systemic racism and the social conflicts based on the concept of “race”, which if unchecked, can undermine the society. Those who want to counter THAT, may not choose critical race theory as their weapon, but society and academia need some theories to educate and seek positive reform about these things, lest all these discussions become moot by the adverse circumstances which will engulf us all.

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