The End of Dichotomy

It’s as sad when certain would be purveyors of science errantly believe that a precondition of truth is the rejection of anything outside of it like spiritual and/or religious reasoning as when those who are religious or spiritual or both errantly believe that their own notions of truth existentially require dismissal of science. All of this is a byproduct of a Eurocentric, colonizing philosophy and worldview which presents us with an artificial cognitively constructed world in which knowledge is based on a epistemological system of antagonistic oppositional dichotomies, a world where truth must be “this OR that.” My own evolutionary theory of human civilization in terms of the “physics” of human evolution is that our oldest ancestors did not live in such a Eurocentric world and were more synched with nature, science, AND spirituality as a result. The “fall” for me was the descent of humanity by the forces of modern enslavement and colonialism and other conduits of material expropriation into this utilitarian realm of opposition and anti-holistic reasoning. Human destiny will be the compilation of circumstances which will lead us by reason or environmental coercion or BOTH back to the concept of the unitary source and to a true ethic of consciousness that rejects neither framework and integrates them both syncretically. My optimism is based on the fact that I DO have faith and it is a faith confirmed in evidence of both God and in His (or if you prefer Her or Their) creation as well as in the processes of evolution and transformation which may be observed by the various methodologies of scientific inquiry and elaborated upon by technological and social innovation. I’m fine if someone chooses personally to be a philosophical atheist, but the notion that one MUST be so to engage in or believe in science is ironically, an ideological statement OF faith, and one fairly contradicted by the large scale human population engaged simultaneously in faith and scientific pursuit.

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