The Spiritual Gift of Trust

I trust face value..You have to earn my trust, and maintain it. The approach to trust that God has taught me is fundamentally different from the teaching of Eurocentric society which suggests that you automatically extend trust, setting you up for the pain of betrayal if and when it is lost, and regret when it gas been errantly extended.

I never start with trust merely posited to someone in a relationship because God says sin has made all of our hearts corrupted, in that even when we aspire to do good, our wills and flesh can and do pervert our intentions and are used by corrupt spirits against us.

I would never steal by force from any person or justify such theft. But I would admit to the ethical struggle I would face if I “found” a bag with thousands of dollars I knew was not mine. If I take it, it’s still theft for God because it is still taking what I know is not mine. If my will and flesh can so easily for self-interest and selfish interest betray God’s trust, what am I capable of doing to yours? Even my own? How many times do I trust myself to do something and fail myself? How many times do so you will stop or start a behavior, trusting that you will, and fall short?

Trust is something earned and maintained by personal discipline as are love and forgiveness. These spiritual gifts are not things easily acquired or possessed and maintained and should not therefore be randomly or haphazardly given, if one is wise. If trust was meant to be given in the latter way, the word “trustworthy” would be superfluous.

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