Materialist Progress Is Not Collective Freedom

I recognize that legal slavery no longer exists in the form it did but I am not and cannot be fooled by materialism or by some mere change in my personal socioeconomic status and opportunity structure into thinking myself “free” or my people “liberated”. I operate under no delusions that what liberation I am said by others to have came as a result of anything less than the tireless blood, sweat, tears, and lives of my ancestors. I have no plans to dishonor them by glorifying this as an achievement of the system that enslaved them in the first place. Paraphrasing Baldwin “I am not your Negro.” I am God’s resurrected Afrikan. Like Chisholm, I am “unbought.” For those who would either cognitively or socially incarcerate us with impediments to our becoming, I pray to be as John Lewis and Nat Turner in their respective ways, a good, but extremely troublesome, property.

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