Juneteenth Makes Negroes Go Mad

Stop. Full stop. Juneteenth is NOT an Afrikan tradition. The only reason it exists is because we were enslaved and then we were lied to and further deceived by those who enslaved us. Think Jewish people “celebrating” an “end of the Holocaust” day or the Japanese “celebrating” an “end of concentration camp” day. It’s just a function of our desperate and at times pathetic attempt to have our oppression and our history somehow recognized by this system. Think about it, we are celebrating a day created by our bondage, thanking the system of oppression for “granting it” WHILE our voting rights are being systematically eroded, our men are being murdered, we’re being made homeless, and rendered into student loan and agricultural debt poverty by that same system and most of the same people. It’s like celebrating a Toilet Paper and Latrine Day created by those who served you poison food after they served it. Count me out.

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