A Different View Of Mission

I was not put here on earth on some special mission to change Europeans and members of their diaspora. They can be themselves and will and should change and evolve as all people do, based on their experiences, knowledge, and growth. I simply want for us, what is ours. We have been conned by slavery and then integrationism into thinking we are here as beings to reform, heal, and do something related to someone else, while neglecting us. While I will assist any human being in life if I can, I have never believed at any time that my divine purpose was to address some specific need of some group of people other than my own. Nor do I believe that to be or ever to have been our collective purpose. I believe that we are here to be who we are, to build for ourselves as other people do, and along the way to inspire others to build and stand in their humanity and God given talents as well.

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