The Lure and The Loathing of Chaos and Pain

Chaos and pain is addictive to us all, for we are creatures of habits. Both those that are our own and those others have and do project upon us. Our habits become our discipline and ultimately our character. But we are not trapped in them, as much as negative voices will tell us we are. We can change what we say, what we do, and become renewed, revived, and resurrected and God will guide us, if we let Him. What we CANNOT do, is change by our own hand, the habits, characters, and discipline of those around us. It is THAT fool’s errand that contributes so much of the chaos and pain we force ourselves to endure, So, we have to consciously avoid or minimize the time we spend around those who by their own character, reinforce our negatives and seek the presence instead of those who accentuate our positives.

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