The UpSHOT of Police Brutality

Our community must seek to end the use of excessive force and brutality by those in law enforcement so inclined. There are however TWO parts to that process, one talked about, the other not and perhaps even more important. The part we talk about is the structural reform of policing. But there IS another and unlike the former, that second part is directly under the control of ourselves. The propensity for and frequency of police encounters within our communities. If a police officer or several are called to our communities to deal with a criminal situation or potentially criminal situation, we KNOW and have ALWAYS KNOWN that it is more likely that there will be a perceived necessity for the use of force. We also know the situation will likely lead to more raw material for the corporate incarceration machine. We KNOW the presence of a weapon or object that could be used as one, resistance, and other factors act as multipliers to that eventuality. Why not start a campaign to reduce the criminal and potential criminal situations themselves? If we stop fighting each other, no one has to call the police. If we stop robbing each other, no call. If we stop dealing with illegal drugs, no call. If we stop raping and molesting, beating women, no call. Needless to say if we stop shooting or aiming guns and weapons at each other, no call. I believe in self-defense and the right to it, but I should not have to perpetually assert that right among and against members of my OWN community. Even worse, I should feel forced to call those outside my community who work for the neocolonial system and do not necessarily share my interests to come in. As long as we do not police ourselves, others will. We cannot expect other than ourselves to care about the consequences of that situation if we don’t. We allude to this situation with the “no snitching” campaigns. But the problem with “no snitching” is that is targets the ones who would report crime, threatening them, not properly the ones who do it, making us one of the most criminally victimized groups in this society. We need to attack the crime and the criminals, harder than even the police do, so that the latter become unnecessary. Where possible, we need to research and study and come up with ways to adjudicate disputes among ourselves and resolve them without resorting to the police. Where it is not possible and someone in the community insists on acting like a beast and bringing war to our village, we must have communal militia sufficiently trained and armed to neutralize their threat. I propose we begin with our sisters and children. A complete moratorium on any violence of any kind against them. No rape, no child molestation, no domestic abuse. Zero tolerance. If we can protect our sisters and our children, we can protect our future. When men step up as men, they earn the respect of manhood from other men. When Afrikan men say “we got this” and mean it and show it, other men from outside will know to stay in their zone and certainly not to seek to take our lives. My two cents with some spare change.

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