The Basis of “Black Lives Mattering”

You will never get another people to respect your life until and unless you show your own respect for it. You teach others how to respect you by your actions with respect to yourself, not by idle slogans.

It is simply idiotic for me to expect someone outside of my community to value one of our lives if they are regularly watching me standing aside within my own community, watching hundreds of our people dying at our own hands, doing and saying nothing.

There are facts we cannot escape. Stop all the law enforcement death right now and statistically you will do almost nothing to stop overall “black” death and “black” male death in particular. That’s simply the truth and as uncomfortable as that truth is, we either deal with it or die with our symbolism and slogans.

Walking ’round saying “black lives matter” all day when collectively we are losing more of our men and children to gun violence in most of these cities than some countries lose of all of their citizens in a whole year and saying nothing about that, is senseless and to be honest, unless we deal with that OTHER violence, police presence will continue to be part of the lives of our communities and citizenry and with it the death they sometimes bring ON TOP of the death we inflict upon ourselves.

And a more radical question now, for those not enslaved by Eurocentrism and white supremacy ideology. Is the question of what “whites” choose to tolerate or not, actually the correct one? Or is the REAL question instead how much and specifically, how much MORE our pathetic leaders and we collectively choose to ALLOW to occur without taking steps for our collective communal defense?

It’s interesting. If a “Black” person went to a “White” person’s house and community posing a clear and present danger to the lives of the persons inside, would there be such a pause and a discussion about how “Black” people could be convinced to value “white” life? Or, would it be understood, without such a prerequisite that the “white” person and their family and their community in that case, could, even should, defend their lives?

At the present time, the most insidious white supremacist ideological idea, embedded in “white” and “black” “liberal” minds, which I reject and have always rejected as offensive and intellectually reprobate is the notion that the basis of preservation of “black” life is rooted in convincing “whites” to value that life. No, it is more simply rooted in “black” life deciding it will no longer tolerate its destruction or threats of the same and taking steps to enforce that position.

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