The Truth About Afrikan Economics In The U.S

I am one of the few who believe that reparations and handouts are no more the solution to the community’s economic problems than foreign aid is to Africa’s. The problem with our people COLLECTIVELY is not the mere lack of cash. Therefore throwing cash will not solve the problem. We ALL know this. So say I’m on crack. I need money for a hit. I come to you. You have got to know, even if you slide me a fiver, that that is not going to assure my long term economic viability. It’s giving the vampire a donation from the local blood bank and thinking you have quenched their thirst. The problem with many African societies and Africans in the US (write this down ’cause Negroes for Assimilation and Integration Inc is not going to tell you) is excessive capital outlay and insufficient capital production. Boom! Reparations, even some bankrupting amount will do nothing, zero, zip about the first problem and will only impact the second if the total mindset and behavior of the people is shifted from consumption to investment.

The nuts and bolts of the problem? The lack of adequate internal financial infrastructure (how many banks, credit unions, brokerage firms and how many located near where the people live), the amount of money spent on non-productive economic assets (think fast food-autos-alcohol-hair products), excessive debt financing( confusing buying on credit with ownership), and last but not least a high level of financial illiteracy that reinforces all these ills.

And not one of these neoliberals, “white” or in “blackface” is doing anything NOW to address this problem, so you know if by some political miracle some reparations check does come, they will likely stay that course. In fact, most of them are heavily invested in the Eurocentric enterprises that produce the products the majority of the people will go spend this money on. Review the history of broke lottery winners for reference.

The key to Afrikan economic development in the US as elsewhere is the transformation of the collective expenditure patterns towards investment and wealth creation (land acquisition, entrepreneurship) and away from conspicuous consumption, reduction of debt (here’s where the system could help), and the creation of financial institutions that have as their mission, making money within and for the community, educating them about economics and finance in the process. And to those who ask what money we use to start this? The more than $1 trillion we have and spend NOW and we don’t need any legislation from “white” folk to do this.

A Negro has a mentality of poverty about himself and therefore sees his people as poor and develops an economic strategy inherently based on extracting wealth and income from “others” outside of himself, who are presumed to have all the economic resources.

An Afrikan has a mentality of wealth and therefore sees his people as having wealth. Poverty us for him or her is a failure of wealth management issue, rather than a presumed existential feature of Afrikan personality. They develop economic strategies based then on aiding the people to more effectively control and direct their extant wealth for the community’s collective benefit.

“White” America bought our ancestors, figuratively, “for a check” written among themselves. In exchange, we were to be made economic slaves by others to their economy. After 400 years of struggle are we supposed to feel empowered by making the same kind of deal for ourselves? Only this time, WE get the check for our own further enthrallment. Without any systemic changes, we will then give the check back to the issuers in the firm of payment for purchases of non-productive assets. The icing on the cake is that because this check comes out of yours and my tax revenue as much as that of others, we get to pay for part of it as well AFTER it has been spent, holding the potential we could actually be POORER after the fact. And after it all, I bet the Negro drones will all assemble and bow before their gods and say, paradoxically and ignorantly, “thank you for GIVING us…”

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