Time’s Up

God’s hand is, I believe, raised now against falsehoods and conspiracy theories as well as the organizations that disseminate them, and that lead to the destruction of the potential for godly human relationships among one another, to ethical and factual error, to discrimination, to anti-science, and to bigotry, prejudice, and violence. We as a people have organizations among us, built upon lies and false theories, upon false or obsolete historical identities, skewed versions of religion or spirituality, UFOs, Illuminati, extraterrestrials, self-proclaimed human gods, and magical melanin. They use mystical names, create bogus spiritual tracts, fake histories, and other devices to lure both the ignorant and vulnerable. Within them we have their adherents who have devoted their lives and social identities and given over their minds and souls to this “Black scientology” type nonsense. We also have the fake televangelists and Christian religionists and churches which worship their pastors while practicing financial chicanery and scriptural fraud to exploit their congregations sexually, economically, and ideologically. This is your warning. Your time is short. You will be exposed. Repent or you will be destroyed. Your fakery and false leadership in the Afrikan liberation movement, in ministry, and in other communal holes you have crawled out of will soon be exposed. This is the time to escape from these echo chambers and embrace real live global Afrikaneity, with both its good and bad in history, its mortal reality, its physical and spiritual diversity, its challenges and its potential.

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