Afrikan Religious Divisionism

I always find it sad when Afrikan people turn some, maybe ANY ideological debate over various scriptural texts or interpretations into an ad hominem attack on religion, ANY religion. The problem in our collective movement in the US is that we don’t actually know our common history in this area, and have almost no professional scholars in relevant fields outside their own religious and spiritual systems. So folks just pontificate and theorize about other people’s religions and try to pursue some kind of pan-Africanism and Black nationalism WHILE maintaining and advocating simultaneously a contradictory and hypocritical ideology of one religion over another. Any religious and/or spiritual standpoint has sociocultural validity for those who are the fathers and mothers of all of them, and whose history extends before the advent of ANY of the particular manifestations of human religious expression today. One would expect the maximal range of religious and/or spiritual expressions among such a people and trying to make one superior over another in the movement is akin to the old Afrikan parable about the body part arguing with the brain and heart about how they would be nothing without him.

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