Babylon in Blackface

     I grieve for my beloved brothers and sisters at home if they are deceived by physical appearances. The major tenets of US foreign policy will not change even if there is an Obama presidency. His campaign is largely financed by "white" liberals and those that have received a Eurocentric education. If we have been observant we have seen that he has had to distance himself from any agenda that was not strictly Christian, pro-Israel, or that hinted of any kind of pan-AFricanism or black nationalism. For those who are unaware of the history of white liberalism, let me summarize it. It tries to put a multinational or international "face" on white supremacy. Those on the continent should know well that having a "black face" in office does not mean democracy or justice nevessarily. It is not the Afrikan face, but the Afrikan spirit and mind that is critical for Afrikan global progress. This is no reflection on Obama personally, for he like Jesse Jackson and AL Sharpton before him MUST represent those kinds of reactionary political forces if they want to be "accepted" and elected. Please do not be deceived. We have had a lot of Afrikan mayors and several governors, and lots of cabinet people. Remember Condi Rice and Colin Powell. They held respectively, the top diplomatic and top military positions in the Western world and their policies have but continued the capacity of the West to exploit the continent, impoverish and starve the diaspora and a majority of your male brothers here in the US remain unemployed and incarcerated. Your sisters here decimated by poverty, lack of education, and AIDS. Sound familiar? It should. And Obama has yet to produce any plan on any of that.
     It is sad to watch the treacherous betrayal of our ancestors and the deities that many have sided with in order to be blinded by appearances. People who have spent their entire life fighting the oppressor have suddenly turned their faces to this supposed Afrikan messiah who I’m so sorry to say isn’t. Part of this is that many on the continent do not have access to all of the US media and they are missing the fact that this election is very much about symbolism, rhetorics of change, and of course, how the US can admit utter defeat in Iraq without appearing to do so to preserve its credibility and standing as a nation Frederick Dougless said had committed crimes that would "disgrace a nation of savages."
     I once said I would call my autobipography or memoirs, if I was blessed to live long enough to feel worthy of writing them, The Last Afrikan Standing. I am not arrogant enough to believe that I am truly the last in physical form, but Afrikans of the political and spiritual persuasion are steadily disappearing as they fall in love again with Babylon. In the West, Babylon, the whore, is notable for being "dressed" seductively and attractively and suitors are unwittingly led to their deaths in their gaze. Like the dreaded Sirens of Greco-Roman myth, many are being lulled to the sleep of death by the sound of a jackass (the Democratic symbol by their own choice).
Rev. Dr. Nikitah Okembe-RA Imani

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